Dutch Mountain Trading is a specialized trading company owned by Maurits van den Berg.

Maurits van den Berg
Dutch Mountain Trading

Maurits is a global rosin resin specialist with over 15 years of experience working for Lawter, Hexion and AkzoNobel, in several functions globally. As Board member of Sunpine AB he has gained knowledge and understanding of the European Bio Diesel Industry.
Dutch Mountain Trading represents the Pine Chemicals division of Georgia Pacific in Europe and Asia that markets Crude Tall Oil, Tall Oil Rosin, Tall Oil Fatty Acids and rosin derivatives.
Maurits works also for Milinec BV, an affiliate of Pt Milatronika, an Indonesian trading company that markets Indonesian Gum Rosin in Europe.
These fully backwards integrated partners in Indonesia and The U.S.A. offer the formulators the most efficient solutions. With a network of international specialists, local distributors and partner companies we have the ability to better control supply reliability and material quality on locations of origin.
With 15 years of resin formulating experience and detailed knowledge of the value chain for all rosin products DMT can offer technical solutions to resin makers and other formulators.
Dutch Mountain Trading is located in Zuidplas, a suburb of Rotterdam in The Netherlands.