About us

Dutch Mountain has become an established supplier of rosins, fatty acids and turpentine to the end-users in Europe by marketing Ingevity Corporation Tall Oil Rosin and Fatty Acids and Perum Perhutani’s Indonesian Gum Rosins and Turpentines.

With the growing interest of the biofuel industry for fatty acids based on Tall Oil, Dutch Mountain has become active in the feedstock supply to European advanced biofuel producers

With our Indonesian partners we are developing a solid supplier base for POME, an approved feedstock for advanced biofuels.

Alternative plant oils from different species of trees will qualify for feedstock of advanced biofuels under the right conditions. Large scale modern agroforestry projects will become an import source for feedstocks of advanced biofuels.

Many new initiatives are being developed to produce these feedstocks with different feedstock sources and production techniques. Forestry waste and woody biomass are abundantly available feedstocks that, when successfully transformed in a suitable bio oil, will form an excellent source for feedstocks for advanced biofuels.

Dutch Mountain is working on several projects to develop these feedstock sources for advanced biofuels.

Ownership and History

Dutch Mountain Trading is founded and owned by Maurits van den Berg
Maurits is a global pine chemicals specialist with over 20 years of experience working for Lawter, Hexion and AkzoNobel, in several functions globally. As Board member of Sunpine AB he has built knowledge and understanding of the European Bio Diesel Industry
Dutch Mountain Trading is located in Zuidplas, a suburb of Rotterdam in The Netherlands.